How It All Began...

     It started when Jarrod Marshall, owner of Green Marshall Lawns, was a thirteen-year-old student looking for summer work. A pastor who owned a lawn company, decided to take a chance on him. Every year from then on, when school ended, he would go to work 40 hours a week.

While with this company he learned how to be a professional while working on commercial properties such as chain restaurants, apartment complexes, and large corporations. I was given the chance to learn a trade and business ethics from a small business that believed in me.

As a junior in high school, Jarrod started Green Marshall Lawns with the mission to provide high quality lawn and landscape services with the highest quality of service for our customers.

We perceive outdoor work as artwork, rather than just a way to make money, and desire to use business as a means to make a difference in the community and help through various projects and organizations.

In 2018, we Green Marshall took over care of the clients of Cutting Edge Lawn Care, that Jarrod, our owner had mowed for several years prior while working summers for this company.

As we continue to grow, we are unable to forget where we came from and what has brought us here. Green Marshall exists because a thirteen-year-old was given a chance by a small business to learn and work with people that believed in him.

We desire to give other young men as much opportunity as we professionally can to learn and work with people that believe in them. You can join in helping us make a better tomorrow by trusting us to make your lawn green today.

Thank you for reading our history. It is about more than just your business, it is about a mission.

– Jarrod Marshall, owner

About Our Services

Our focus in services is quality over quantity. We focus on providing the best of services based on each individual clients needs. Whether it be basic lawn mowing to custom Christmas lights, we believe every situation is unique and has a unique set of challenging circumstances for us to figure out. Clients of ours are never counted as a number but rather an individual with whom we hope to build a working relationship.

We offer most of our outdoor services in house; however, we believe in perfection and if it isn’t a specialty of one of the crew members on our staff, we have highly trained professional contractors that work with us to provide the utmost quality of service.

Outsourced services that we offer are: tree removal or trimming of any size, Brush hogging or land clearing, concrete services, and irrigation.

In house specialty services we offer are: six-step weed-control and fertilization, annual flower planting, core-aeration and over-seeding, custom Christmas light design and installation, weekly-lawn mowing, leaf removal, flower bed services, and snow removal.

All of our billing is done paperless via text or email, and we accept any type of credit or debit cards as well as checks.

Our goal is to make working with us as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

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